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“Sure to delight anyone who grew up reading the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, or Cam Jansen!” – Bill Dewey, GroundWork

Francesca and Josephine Hardy – 12-year-old daughters of Joe and Frank Hardy and their high school sweethearts Iola and Callie – are the latest generation of the renowned crime-fighting family.

The Hardy Boys’ exploits during their teen years were¬†so effective that by the time the Boys graduated from State with degrees in criminology, crime in Bayport was a relic of the past. Frank and Joe eventually went back to school and became the city’s most successful orthodontists.

Now it’s the 1970s, and a new generation of criminal is preying on our beloved city. Wild animal smuggling, train derailments, and even a warehouse explosion rock Bayport in the first three volumes.

Bumbling police chief Oscar Smuff and his cohort of short officers are stymied, and the Hardy Boys are slow to awaken to the new danger. Only cousins Josephine and Francesca stand between justice and the forces of disorder!

Racing around town on their bicycles, straining every nerve to avoid parental scrutiny and police interference, they tackle their first mysteries!

Volume 1: The Mystery of Rafferty’s Farm – is now available!


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